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Narrowstack 6

SandenVendo owes its popularity to a reliable mechanism technology and the premium cooling units applied on each of its vending models since 1930. The Bottle&Can automatic vending machine represents a true flagship in terms of quality standards and durability: this simple yet functional column vendor today is upgraded with modern features and a user-friendly interface. In addition, always considering environmental sustainability, B&C Design Narrowstack has been developed with an HC (R290) Hydro Carbon version, pursuing the commitment to employing natural refrigerants on our vending machines.

Tekniske spesifikasjoner:

Dimensjoner (HxBxD cm)
Antall varer i automat
Maks produktlengde (cm)
Maks produktdiameter (cm)
Maks kapasitet boks 0.33 l
Maks kapasitet flaske (0.5 l)
Intern temperatur
Maks strømforbruk
6 stykk
306 stykk
102 stykk
+1°C til +25°C